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PAPER BAG MAKING MACHINERY WenzhouHongying Machinery Co. Ltd. is located in No. 1888, Shangdong Road, EconomicDevelopment Zone, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province. Convenient transportation andsuperior atmosphere provide our company with good external environment andopportunities. Asone of the modern priva...... >


HYB-150 Fu [5-7]
SBR290 Adju [5-7]

HY-Rope making machine
SBR-460 Adjustable roll square bottom paper bag machine
HY-270 Full Automatic High Speed Food Paper Bag Making Machine
SBR-460B9 paper bag making machine with handle in line
HY-330 Full Automatic High Speed Food Paper Bag Making Machine
HY-330 Full automatic high speed food paper bag making machine
SBR-460W paper bag making machine with window pacthing
HY-Fully automatic high -speed handle making machine
HYB-150 Fully Automatic Bottle Filling Machine
HY-Rope winding machine
HY6/8-200Y Automatic
HY6/8-200F Automatic
HY6/8-200G Solid Granule
HY8ZK10-200 Automatic
HY6ZK10-160 Automatic
SBR180 Square bottom