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Name:HY6/8-200F Automatic  

HY6/8-200F Automatic Packing Machine For Powder


This set of equipment with prefabricated bag packing machine and automatic liquid (paste) measuring machine, is suitable for the self-supporting bag, hand bag, zipper bag, four sides sealing bag, three sides sealing bag,paper bag, M bag, compound bag, bag of fruit juice, tomato sauce, chili sauce, peanut butter, soap, detergent, paste material automatic metering and packing.

Main Technical Parameters

Speed30-60 bags/min

Bag SizeW: 70-200mm L: 100-300 mm

Filling Range10-500 g

Air Displacement>=0.4 m3/min

Accuracy<=+-1 g

Host Power 3-phase AC380c

Control SupplyDC24V

Power2.5 kw

Overall Dimension3500177028400 mmincluding conveyor and elevator


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