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    HYB-150 Fully Automatic Bottle Filling Machine Date:2017-5-7


The equipment consists of the company's independent research and development of bottle filling machine, overcomes the problems of traditional manual, measurement error and poor staff work environment. The machine adopts different filling materials, different measurement methods, commonly used measurement methods are pickles weighing machine, liquid weighing machine, powder weighing machine, multi-head weigher, meets the requirements of fast filling, precise metering and stable operation; the production process avoids direct contact with the staff and the material, saves a lot of labor, optimize the working environment, eliminate pollution areas, improve production efficiency and significantly reduce costs, to win in the market and the praise of customers.

It can be used for glass bottles, plastic bottles for direct automatic filling, filling materials as roasted seeds and nuts, dried fruit, pickles, semi-fluid, liquid, powder and so on.



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