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Name:HY8ZK10-200 Automatic  

HY8ZK10-200 Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packing Mchines For bags

Work Process

Put the bag.  Open the bag.  Fill the material.  Add  liquid.   Binder.  Convert. Pump Vacuum.  Seal.  Output

Main Technical Parameters

Speed35-60 bags/min

Bag Type: stand-up bags, handbags, zipper bags, 4-side sealing bags, 3-side sealing     bags, paper bags, compound bags, etc .

Bag SizeW: 70-220 mm    L: 80-300 mm

Filling Range20-1000 g

Host Power3-phase AC380c

Control SupplyDC24V

Power4 kw (not include vacuum)

Overall Dimension270022001600 mmincluding conveyor and elevator

Drive Power :   3 phase 5 wire system 380v 50hz

Machine Weight2400 kg


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