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Name:SBR-460W paper bag making machine with window pacthing 

SBR-460W paper bag making machine with window pacthing and punching

Structural Features

1.Square bottom paper bag machine with pasting and punching consists of feeding device, the pasting device, punching device, forming device, receiving device. That is the original feeding device is separated into the gluing of window part section and pasting the film section, plus a set of punching device.

2. The touch screen of man-machine interface, easy to modify and fine-tuning. Alarm and working status can be displayed on the screen, easy to operate and maintain.

3. Equipped with PLC centralized control system of Kunlun Tongtai company, German SICK photoelectric correction, tracking printed material accurately so as to reduce adjustment and preset time as much as possible and improve the production efficiency.

4. People-oriented safety protection of the whole housing design, ensures the safety of the operators.

5. Hydraulic air swelling shaft loading system, with chuck, hydraulic system of up/down

6. Constant tension control of automatic unwinding, feeding system of EPC network guider and inverter, motors to minimize the adjustment time of network alignment

7. High-speed design to ensure success: production of the appropriate paper range, output of 30-150 pcs/min, even higher. It increases the unit production capacity and higher profits.

8. Original German Schneider electric system to ensure better stability and reliability. Provide the perfect after-sale service for customers.

Technical Parameters

Model                 SBR-460W

Width of Paper Roll                       600-1300mm

Cutting Length                          270-520mm

Width of Paper Bag                                           220-450mm

Length of Paper Bag                                          225-470mm

Width of Bag Bottom                                         60-180mm

Paper Weight                                                   60-180mm

Max. Diameter of Paper Roll                                1500mm

Internal Diameter of Roll Core                             76mm

Max. Speed                                150pcs/min

Power                15kw

Weight               9000kg

Overall Dimension                                        9600mm*2500mm*1800mm


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